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About Us

Welcome to Christian Family Montessori School! Established in 1983 our school was designed to provide a Christian experience that would benefit the children, parents and community. The Montessori philosophy of education was chosen for our school because it cultivates independence, order and inner discipline. It encourages a love of learning and a joy of discovery within a safe and stimulating environment. It is in this environment where each child can reach his full potential.

Our classroom, which has been located at St. Michael’s Episcopal Church since 1996, provides a unique setting for children to grow, learn and experience God’s love. We are dedicated to serving children ages 2.9 through 6 years old.

We are excited to introduce you and your child to the amazing world of discovery waiting in the Montessori classroom!

The Staff at CFMS

“At some given moment it happens that the child becomes deeply interested in a piece of work; we see it in the expression on his face, his intense concentration, the devotion to the exercise.”

The Discovery of the Child

Mission & Values


Our mission is to provide a safe and respectful atmosphere where children can learn and grow in God’s love through exploration and discovery.

Our environment utilizes Maria Montessori’s specially designed, hands-on, educational tools that cultivate learning at all stages of early childhood development.

Our program combines Christian principles and Montessori philosophies to nurture our students into independent,
self-confident, caring citizens of the world who develop a lifetime love of learning.


These values guide the direction of our school and our interactions with students, families and staff.

We are grateful for each family who entrusts their son or daughter in our care.

We provide an environment that is an extension of home, where children feel comfortable, safe, supported and loved.

We cherish the many benefits our small school offers and the close-knit community it creates.

We respect and embrace every child’s uniqueness and encourage learning through discovery at each individual’s pace.

We base our program on Christian principles, the Montessori method and a strong academic curriculum, for which we regularly explore new ideas and experiences.

We teach and practice peace, conflict resolution and grace & courtesy in our classroom. We are mindful of the impact our words and actions have on the world and on each other.

We strive to educate and nurture the whole child so he or she can become a lifelong learner and an upstanding citizen of the world.

Our Staff

Gina Russell

Gina Russell first became involved with CFMS in 2007 when her oldest son began attending the school. After his departure, her twins followed in 2010, which is when Gina also began her Montessori training with the New England Montessori Training Education Center. Gina began teaching Spanish part-time in 2011 and then became a part-time assistant in 2012. She completed her Montessori training in 2013, obtained Director certification from the Department of Early Childhood and Care (EEC) in 2015 and EEC Director II certification in 2019. Gina holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Physics/Computer Science from Grove City College, a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Bentley University and a Master’s degree in Education from William Howard Taft University.

Teresa Smith

Teresa Smith has been in the field of education since 2004. She began her career as a teacher’s assistant many years ago, when her own children attended preschool at CFMS. Teresa currently serves as a Primary Lead Teacher, teaching children ages 2.9-6 years old. She is passionate about teaching the Montessori Method because of the ability it gives her to foster each child’s curiosity to learn. She received her AMS Montessori credential through Northeast Montessori Institute and Director 1 completion through Mass Bay. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys reading, yoga, cooking and spending time with her family.

Meghan Henning

Meghan Henning has been educating children since 2010. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with a concentration in elementary education, from Wheelock college in 2009. She went on to get her Master of Education degree, with a concentration in special education, from Wheelock College in 2010. Meghan Henning has taught in a variety of different school settings – both public and private. She found her true passion in Montessori education and obtained her International Montessori teaching certificate from NAMC. Her favorite part about being a Montessori teacher is that she can allow each child to develop at his or her own pace.

Julia Manning

Julia had been happily caring for her 4 children at home when her life took a surprising new path. In October 2021, Julia was asked by our Director, Gina Russell, to sub for one of her teachers. Julia quickly fell in love with the Montessori practice of teaching, and, to her delight, she was offered and gladly accepted an Assistant Teacher position in January 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the State University of New York at Oswego. She spent several rewarding years working in various eldercare facilities and hospitals. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Hopedale Council on Aging. She has also been volunteering at her children’s school for many years. Mrs. Manning feels blessed to be a part of the amazing team at CFMS. She fully embraces the Montessori way of life and is dedicated to each child in our classroom. She is currently enrolled in a Montessori Teaching Assistant program, which has strengthened her devotion to teaching.

Our Happy Parents

We are so happy that our son attended 2 years at CFMS. The teachers are so loving and caring. My son would come home excited talking about everything they learned in class each day. He learned math, maps, knew all the continents, painters/artists and so much more! I was also truly impressed with the measures the school took to teach and also be able to protect our children especially during the covid 19 pandemic. I felt my child was safe and they are great about communicating too. We can’t wait for our daughter to start attending too!

Joel & Aimee
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