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Montessori education fosters natural curiosity by providing a learning environment that encourages exploration and self-directed discovery. Through hands-on activities and materials designed to stimulate the senses, children are empowered to engage with their surroundings in a meaningful way. The Montessori approach values the intrinsic motivation of each child, by cultivating an inquisitive mindset that extends beyond the classroom and into a lifelong love of learning.


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About Us

Welcome to Christian Family Montessori School!

Since 1983, our mission has been to provide a nurturing Christian experience that cultivates independence, order, and inner discipline.
Our Montessori philosophy fosters a love of learning and discovery in a safe and stimulating environment, allowing each child
to reach their full potential.

Come explore the amazing world of Montessori with us!

“Here is an essential principal of education:
to teach details is to bring confusion; to establish the relationship between things is to bring knowledge.”

From Childhood to Adolescence


Our program combines Christian principles and Montessori philosophies to nurture our students into independent, self-confident, caring citizens of the world who develop a lifetime love of learning.

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Our Happy Parents

We are so happy that our son attended 2 years at CFMS. The teachers are so loving and caring. My son would come home excited talking about everything they learned in class each day. He learned math, maps, knew all the continents, painters/artists and so much more! I was also truly impressed with the measures the school took to teach and also be able to protect our children especially during the covid 19 pandemic. I felt my child was safe and they are great about communicating too. We can’t wait for our daughter to start attending too!

Joel & Aimee
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